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a police tactic designed to keep peace in adams morgan ends
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abruptly and the community wants to know why. >> to leave an aircraft in that shape with a handful of very small injuryies. >> the ntsb is on the scene there to join in the investigation to find out how everyone survived the crash that split a jet in two. and the twitter takes to rally the debt showdown, but it appears that the president's followers did not appreciate the tactic. i'm wendy krieger sitting in for greg melvin. tonight on capitol hill, they have nothing. in a span of a few hours this evening, it appeared a deal to raise the nation's deal ceiling was imminent, but now it appears, they are still on opposite sides. and now a report on how to u.s. will try to stay from default.
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>> reporter: wit was intense behind the scenes negotiations, and with intense deadlines looming and no deal on the table, they claim they are talking with president obama. >> the only way to get an agreement by tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. >> harry reid scheduled an overnight test vote for his own plan, but the republicans united to prevent a final vote. so senator reid decided to try again on sunday. >> we spoke to the white house. quite a few times this evening. they have asked me to give everyone as much time as possible to reach an agreement if one can be reached. >> reporter: still the house preemptively shot the bill down before it got off of the grounds. >> the rules are not suspend and the bill is not passed. >> reporter: finding a bill to pass is not easy task. >> thank you. here we are on the brink of economic disaster and wasting time with symbolic political theater at the worst.
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>> reporter: and we will not fight you on that mr. dryer. as the clock ticks down. brian mooar. and so if the white house cannot reach a deal, will u.s. military members get paid? no one can answer this at this point, and u.s. soldiers fighting in iraq and afghanistan could see their checks stopped. the joint chiefs of staff mike mullen was in kandahar today and while speaking with soldiers they brought up the debt fight here in washington. >> there are many of you living paycheck to paycheck and if paychecks were to stop, it can have a devastating ill pact and devastating impact pretty quickly. >> and he told the soldiers like most government agencies there will be belt tightening and cuts and that include cutbacks to military benefits. here at home we have been following what is a serious
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concern for residents and business owners in adams comorg. last week police instituted operation adams morgan, but now they have one measure that has been making a difference and they have put an end to it. darcy spencer is there tonight. >> reporter: last weekend d.c. police launched operation adams morgan in an attempt to tame the night life some are saying is out of control. friday night, police eliminated the parking on the southside of northeast which is the side of most of the bars. police say that police have abruptly changed course and no longer will they keep cars from parking on the 18th street. >> they have canceled the parking restrictions all together which we understood was a integral part of the plan. >> reporter: there is a list on the list serve about the parking issue, and jim graham says while some businesses wanted the parking to go away later there
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was raw support for the restrictions. he writes to walk totally away deserves explanation. and it was responded that mpd after a careful review will not restrict the parking. >> from my observation it was very effective and the first time in years that i noticed that the police department actually asserted some sort of authority in control over the crowds here. >> reporter: another point of controversy with the operation is the guardian inaangels and t police have asked them to police the clubs on the weekends, but the organizations say that it is upsetting to have the angels here for some visitors. >> well, we know that some people are upset, but we use it for the motivation. >> reporter: and bringing uniformed officers to the area is making a difference. >> it is good to have a police presence here especially late at night after all of the club let out. >> reporter: and we were not able to reach police officials tonight to find out exactly why
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that parking plan has been scrapped. reporting live from adams morgan, darcy spencer news 4. wendy? >> thank you, darcy. we are following a developing story out of a county where the search teams are suspending a search for a boater near the chesapeake bay. witnesses saw a man fall overboard near orchard and riviera beach. rescuers spent hours by air and water and dive teams came in and no sign of the man. the search will resume in the morning. and family and friends have launch and extensive search for a northern virginia man after he went missing after he went to work three weeks ago and disappeared without a trace. 29-year-old oscar velasco mon textonyo was last seen at his job vit on international drive in mcclane and he called his boss saying he was meeting friends later that night and has not been seen or heard from since. >> it is not normal that
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somebody goes to work and does not come home. it is just -- that is really sad. my goal is to know where is he and what happened to him, and you know, hopefully see him home safe. >> reporter: the car that montonyo borrowed from family members was found behind an olive garden restaurant about a week after he disappeared and the police found nothing suspicious. the ntsb is joining in the investigation of a plane crash in south america. all passengers survived. it overshot the runway in guyana, and the jet was trying to land in heavy fog and rain and landed in a ravine when the plane snapped in two. >> when the plane landed i said, we are going to die, we are going to die, because the plane don't have enough runway to stop.
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>> the ntsb wants to speak to the ur vooifrs s kage acr out how gahe. three people were hospitalized with injuries. a father is arrested after his son is caught driving across the state. still ahead, it is what the father was doing when the boy was finally pulled over that has police really concerned. a job offer from casey anthony from an adult magazine. and spam from the president. the messages that cost the president tens of thousands of twitter followers yesterday. chuck, how is the weather? chuck, how is the weather? >> well, not too bad
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contact' senators on twitter yesterday and it appears to have cost him tens of thousands and&)ident obama's of twitter account sent feds decidv you have
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some five degrees warmer than average and here is the comparison and keep in mind that 2010 was the hottest day of the year, and meteorological summer. and here is the month to month comparison and this june was warm but not as warm as last year. this july will break the record from last year and all we have to do in august of 2011 is be 3.7 degrees above average or more and we will smash the record for the hottest summer. how likely is that? it means a top four or five finish for temperatures in august. right now temperatures in the mid-70s to the cooler spots to 80 flz the urban centers and 74
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degrees in roanoke, and not much around here today, but there were quite a few thunderstorms down to the south. charlottesville down the richmond and the virginia/north carolina border and quite a bit in way of rain there. out in the tropics, all eyes are out here towards the western part of the atlantic. this is still not a tropical storm, but likely will become a tropical storm tomorrow and if it does, it will take on the name emily. we willch wa it carefully. and meanwhile back here at home in the next 48 hours, here is a look at the future cast. the showers are fading away down on the virginia and north carolina border and get you started dry and mostly clear in town at 8:30 in the morning. as we go to the middle of the afternoon tomorrow, we may bubble up one or two showers south of washington and as we get into monday night, another chance for isolated shower or two, but no widespread soaking rains anywhere in the forecast. so when you get the sunday morning started clear skies and mild and wake-up temperatures in
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the 70s and cooler spots into the 60s, and tomorrow, we will call it a mostly sunny day and a touch cooler once again with the risk of a few showers namely from washington southbound and south of i-66 is the best chance. then at the beaches tomorrow, great weather tomorrow, and slight chance of a shower monday, but if you are on the beacht on a monday, that sounds like va kigs and won't matter if it rains a little bit. there is the extended forecast. 211 days in a row is the all-time record for 90-degree days and next saturday is the 20th day. so it is going to be close. that record is in jeopardy. >> well, we are going to be so looking forward to snow, you know. >> i'm already looking forward to it.
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john is with the picks coming up. , so they had a good night out there. >> a good night and they also gave away a gift to the enfans in attendance. >> we love that. >> we love that. well, let me take you back to college when your professor told you at the beginning of the semester when the papers were due and yet many of us waited for the last hour to get them done? well, the washington nationals are not procrastinated with the drad deadline tomorrow, and getting two doeals today. jerry harrison, jr. traded and johnny damon marquise is dealt to the diamondbacks for a minor league gem. one problem, marquise was to start against the mets so that the rest of the team had to come through and pick up the slack. jayson werth bobblehead night.
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so did he deliver? he did with runners on the corner. he hammers a knuckleball to deep center field and it is gone. a threef-run blast and his 12th of the year and the nats take themselves to a early 3-0 lead. yuniesky making a start for the traded marquise, and danny espinosa with the great range throws him out at first. maya going 5 1/3, and five scattered hits. ross detwiler was the first, and top of the seventh he jams duda here and breaks the bat and michael morris to the first and back to first and double-play. detwiler goes 1 1/3 allowing one hit. top nine, drew storerin having to put all of the trade rumor out of his mind and he picks up the 26th trade of the year as
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the nats snap the six-game losing streak and beat the mets 3-0. >> that is part of baseball, but it is never easy on a ball club, because you have attachments and having to talk to two guys to tell them they have to go somewhere else is not easy for the manager, but the players responded and played hard. it was a great game. >> it was an exciting time at redskins park as fans got the first chance this season to see the team up close and in person. the die-hards who showed up bright and early didn't get to bright and early didn't get to see many people in action, bct suit co next week. formerm4aa veterans will practice until next thursday which applies to newly signed tackles and cornerback josh wilson and former jets' cornerback clemens and stephen
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bowen and still many decided to come to practice anyway to be with their new team. >> it is very strange. you know, it is good to be in the meetings and i get a chance to meet everybody otas around the team, and to learn,ám around the team, and to learn,ám are all itching to get on the tschoo ud be c + n. youc5real know, wantaxc8 weto beqk about the and6y a pa andconditioning, and, you know, in the work. woz
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united takesé& 1-0jus bending the tied".bk up!)k1-1.óyecelebrati@
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next on c-span, president obama was in las vegas, nevada, last night where he addressed an election rally for senate majority leader harry reid. >> thank you. hello, las vegas. [ cheers and applause ]

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